Ad Drinum, Collection of poetry and visual arts – view pdf

„Ad Drinum equally involves secret authors who act bashfully within their walls and those whose composiitons occupy large public spaces. They are all equal in this collection, whether using paper, canvas, graphite, hard stone or words, or whatever generation they belong to or the art they have chosen. It is only possible in this kind of a project to have the impressive rocky structures completed with poems and watercolour accompanied by mystic music. The project Ad Drinum goes beyond many other seemingly larger projects with its concept and mission, and we only wish it would last and reach far, as every small town and river need to have their own Ad Drinum, whatever it is called.“

Robert Andrejaš, MA PhD candidate at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Mali Zvornik 2018.

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Refugee requiem – view pdf

„Serving and singing his refugee requiem at all levels, Vladimir Savić with a highly developed  visual sensibility sings with ease, and we get the impression that each poem is а film made in the language spoken in the area where he was brought up.“

Goran Arsić

Zvornik 2019.

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    1. „… from Kulin Ban…”, autobiographical stories.
    2. Anthology of haiku-sevdah and sevdalinka poems.


Čita: Nataša Jankova

Muzička podloga: Aytaç Doğan (Kanun Resitali)  

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