KULIN BAN (2005-2007, 2007-)

was the idea of the sponsor Željko Erić and it was realized by Vladimir Savić and associates in early 2005.

Vladimir Savić — bağlama, saz, voice;

Dalibor Mladenović — kaval, voice;

Maja Ivanović — voice;

Nebojša Jaćimović — accordion, keyboard, voice.

Kuilin ban tried to make a unique connection between old and modern sound led by the expression “from Kulin Ban’s period up to nowadays” thus popularizing the name of a very specific medieval sovereign. The greatest challenges of the project were different affections in music and aspirations of the people involved. It wasn’t easy to connect different music traditions and colour them with ambient hues. The very challenge was the greatest incentive as well. As the result, their first album of the same name was published in 2006 by PGP RTS. So far unknown song “Žali, Zare, da žalimo“ was an immediate success. A high budget music video was made for the song and the screenplay was written by Deacon Nenad Ilić.

The attempt to make an active band out of a term idea unfortunately resulted in terminating the project and in newly formed group’s failure.

Since 2007 Kulin ban (alias of Vladimir Savić) has been performing exclusively traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina – sevdalinka. Within other projects and gatherings with numerous musicians Kulin ban performs ambient, experimental music, musical fusions etc.



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