AD DRINUM (2015-2017)

The masterminds of the multimedia project Arsias ft. Kulin ban, Lajoš Mate and Vladimir Savić, come from Mali Zvornik municipality. The result of this cooperation is a released song, immortalized through a unique short video. The antique name of the Roman castrum located on the territory of Zvornik and Mali Zvornik municipalities influenced the authors to name their composition Ad Drinum.

“The most beautiful things that are characteristic for this area can be seen in these six minutes. The Drina river connecting people, religions and customs for centuries, is making the circle including all season of the year and is uniting cultures and traditions intertwined for centuries on this unique territory. The end of one circle is the beginning of the other, as the Drina river is a silent witness of all the changes, and it survives and outlives everyone and everything showing its superiority. All of this accompanied with the music which beyond our senses audibly depicts all that can be seen in this video, make us proud of being the part of history it creates. For me Ad Drinum is the way of eternity and immortality.”

Marija Milosavljević, Russian language teacher

 Lajoš Mate – guitar

Vladimir Savić – saz, dulcimer, Jew’s harp, rattle

Aleksandar Todorović – keyboard, guitar

Film and photography director, cameraman and editor – Boris Katić

Screenplay, assistant director – Vladimir Savić

Music producer and soundman: Aleksandar Todorović, studio “Red Room“

 Special thanks to: Peter Serpuhovitin, Tatjana Savić, Ljiljana Ristanović; to families: Jović, Bojić, Duraković, Buljubašić, Fr. Mileta Tovarović (CM Mali Zvornik) and ef. Suleiman Ahmeti (Majlis Mali Zvornik), Nenad and Biljana, the Library „September 17“ – Mali Zvornik, Olivera Spremo Popović, Andjelko Tešmanović, Tijana and Maja, and

Marija Grujičić, Emina Buljubašić, Aleksandra Miličić, Jovana Ivanović, Selena Krstić, Sara Erić, Tijana Đurić, Balša and Relja Savić.



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